Industrial 150 Amp AC current meter in use

Wireless 150 Amp AC Current Meter

Gain the power of insight.

A must for the bottom line, Monnit ALTA® Wireless 150 Amp AC Current Meters remotely monitor the electricity flowing to a machine or system.

If consumption rises, machinery may work harder due to overdue maintenance, an ailing component, or looming failure. If it drops, there may be a power supply issue. Either way, these ALTA 150 Amp AC Current Meters will alert you instantly via email, call, or text.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Monnit's turnkey current meters collect power data, making it easy to share and analyze via iMonnit Sensor Software. Monitor amp hours, max/min/avg root mean square (RMS) current; collect watt-hour or kilowatt-hour readings.

The ALTA Industrial 150 Amp AC Current Meter features a detachable lead with an M12 5-pin connector, which is ideal for easily installing the current transformer (CT) in an electrical panel. Review Monnit's enterprise-ready and industrial-grade current meters below and find the right sensor to proactively protect productivity, vital systems, and the bottom line.

WARNING: This ALTA AC Current Meter is only for monitoring AC voltage. Do Not Use with DC voltage.

Wireless 150 Amp AC Current Meter - AA Battery Powered
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Enterprise Wireless

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Industrial Wireless 150 Amp AC Current Meter
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Industrial Wireless

  • Industrial Battery Powered
  • Up to 7 Years Battery Life
  • Specifications

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Which Sensor is Right For Me?

  • Enterprise AA-battery powered: Our most popular type is ideal for typical commercial & enterprise environments, such as server rooms. A 1,200+ ft. range readily covers most facilities.
  • Industrial: Sensor's weatherproof, NEMA-rated enclosure withstands demanding indoor/outdoor use, e.g., warehouses & production facilities.
Still not sure which sensor type to choose? Visit our Sensor Comparison page.



2,000+ ft. Range through 18+ Walls
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis

How Monnit Sensors Work

how Monnit remote monitoring works

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