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Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Office Monitoring and Management

Wi-Fi Monitoring Solutions for
Office Buildings

Managing office and commercial buildings efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. Whether it's a large or small office Monnit has a reliable, wireless, remote monitoring solution that can easily work with your companies existing Wi-Fi networks.

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  • Monitor Multiple Aspects of Your Business with one System.
    Monnit provides a variety of different wireless sensors perfect for your business; door/window, motion detection, water detection, temperature and light sensors are just a few.
  • Use Your Existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure
    Monnit Wi-Fi sensors, can use your existing Wi-Fi networks to connect to the online portal. No other hardware is required.
  • Monitor 24/7 From Anywhere
    Monitor your sensors anytime, from anywhere with the iMonnit online sensor system. Receive real time alerts via SMS text, email or voice if any sensor detects a reading outside of an optimal range.
  • True Wireless Freedom with Exceptional Range
    Monnit Wi-Fi sensors can connect to any existing 802.11 b/g network with up to 250' wireless range. *
  • Low-Cost Wireless Sensors and Monitoring Options
    Wi-Fi sensors starting at $149 with FREE Online Monitoring **

Getting Started

To get started we suggest:


  • Door/window sensors and motion sensors can be used to monitor for unauthorized access.
  • Water sensors can detect plumbing leaks around water heaters, faucets and toilets.
  • Temperature sensors can track HVAC systems for efficient operation, helping you lower operating costs associated with heating and cooling.
  • And much more...

Online Monitoring:

  • iMonnit Basic (Free) Online Monitoring - Basic/limited features for free. (Still includes text and email alerts.)
  • iMonnit Premiere Online Monitoring - Advanced features for a minimal annual fee.
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Who's Using Monnit Wireless Sensors?

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