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Monnit Remote Monitoring and Home Automation

Remote Monitoring
and Home Automation

Monnit provides low-cost wireless sensors that can detect if doors or windows are opened, motion, temperature, water, humidity and if lights are left on. Get real-time alerts as something is happening, and protect your property. Control units provide simple on/off functions that can be switched automatically by conditions detected by wireless sensors, or controlled manually through the online software or mobile apps.

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How It Works:
1. Place sensors on "things"
you want to monitor
Place Sensors on Things
2. Set alerts for when
"conditions" are met.
Set Notifications
3. Receive real-time alerts
wherever you are.
Receive Notifications
  • Monitor Your Property Remotely
    Monitor your home or property from anywhere, with Monnit's wireless sensors and monitoring system. Be notified if anything of concern happens.
  • Keep Properties Safe and Damage Free
    Be alerted if a door or window is opened, lights are left on, water leaks are detected, the temperature is too low or high and if any other critical incidents are detected.
  • Remote Automation and Control
    Simple on/off control for powered devices like lights, fans and other appliances manually through the software, or automatically by linking them to conditions that are detected by wireless sensors.
  • True Wireless Freedom with Exceptional Range
    250' - 300' wireless range (Expandable with a wireless Repeater.) *
  • Low-Cost Wireless Sensors and Monitoring Options
    Sensors starting at $49 with FREE Online Monitoring **
  • Free Mobile Apps
    Instant access to your wireless sensor networks from you Android or iOS device.

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