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Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Monitoring Traffic

Wireless Solutions for
Traffic Monitoring

Monnit provides a low cost wireless solution for monitoring vehicle traffic. Monnit vehicle sensors offer the greatest value in traffic counting and speed detection available. Monnit's wireless sensor systems are easy to install and priced right for any budget. Using wireless vehicle sensors with Monnit Cellular Gateways allows you to collect and view traffic details in real time from anywhere.

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How It Works:
1. Place sensors on "things"
you want to monitor
Place Sensors on Things
2. Set alerts for when
"conditions" are met.
Set Notifications
3. Receive real-time alerts
wherever you are.
Receive Notifications
  • Track The Number of Vehicles Passing By
    Track and count each vehicle as it passes by a Monnit vehicle sensor.
  • Track Vehicle Speeds
    Track the speed of vehicles as the pass by.
  • Remote Cellular Capability
    Use system in remote locations with Monnit's easy to use cellular gateway.
  • Receive Real Time Alerts
    Setup real time alerts for an individual or group of sensors that you wish
    to monitor.
  • Low-Cost Wireless Sensors and Monitoring Options
    Sensors starting at $49 with FREE Online Monitoring **

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