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How To Use The Monnit Local Alert

Frequently Asked Questions

This article ill provides a step-by-step guide to setting your gateway for the best RF frequency in your region.

This tech-tip explains what you need to set-up a Monnit Wireless Sensor Network. Follow these instructions in order for a quick and error free setup.

Guide to bypassing the online portal and setting up the local interface on a gateway.

Enable or disable email and text alerts for all wireless sensors on your network

Getting started guide to activating gateway interfaces on iMonnit.

Guide to adding sensors offline on the local interface

The process to move a gateway or sensor is to simply add the device to the network you want it on. By adding a gateway or sensor to a new network, it will automatically be removed from the old network.

Should you expect interference from other wireless networks (Wi-Fi, walkie talkies, cordless phones, cellular phones, radios, etc.) operating in the vicinity of your Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)?