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ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway Wins 2020 IoT Innovations Award

Advanced Edge Gateway

Monnit’s ALTA® Advanced Edge Gateway has won a 2020 IoT Innovations Award from Connected World magazine.

“I personally appreciate that all Monnit hardware is American-made. Even more, the company had an intense focus on security, usability, and affordability during product development with the ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway that helps it stand out,” comments Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World and president Specialty Publishing Media.

A Winning IoT Sensor-to-Server Solution
The Edge Gateway utilizes the MQTTS protocol in delivering data from Monnit Wireless Sensors to cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, and proprietary servers. The device uniquely “fingerprints” sensor data with a cryptographic validation stamp; authenticated data is then transmitted to a cloud broker.

Read more about Monnit’s 2020 IoT innovation on our blog.

More about the Connected World IoT Innovations 2020 award here.

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

Remote Rental Monitoring

rental property monitoring

The summer sun rises, shining a light on wanderlust.
Hosts who rent remote and rustic retreats are now busily booking stays.
And, these hosts can turn to remote monitoring to maintain safety and comfort.

water detect plus sensor

Water Detect Plus Sensor
Install near water features or under troublesome plumbing; unique lead helps avoid false alarms.

propane tank level sensor

Propane Tank Level Monitor
Whether it’s for culinary or heating, always know propane levels. Ensure an uninterrupted stay.

wireless current meter

Wireless AC Current Meter
Know that the property’s vital systems, e.g., HVAC, have power. Keep things comfortable.

What's New

Monnit ALTA Food Probe

food probe thermometer

Monnit’s upcoming ALTA® Wireless Food Probe will bring the powerful Internet of Things directly to food production, commercial kitchens, and restaurants worldwide.

A quantum leap over manual data logging with clipboards, the food probe offers reliability and immunity to human error. Additionally, test chefs can observe food temperatures and manually trigger it to log data when experimenting with ingredients or preparation techniques.

With the food probe, users can:

• Enforce food safety guidelines and regulatory compliance during processing and packaging.
• Enable chefs to experiment, finalize, and distribute recipes for mass-reproduction.
• Ensure recipe consistency and examine data should a dish not meet expectations.

This spring, the food probe underwent beta testing in fast-food. Findings have been incorporated, and the device is launching this summer. Given the diversity of applications—ranging from c-stores and world-class steakhouses to vegetarian food trucks—customers will also have a choice of leaded probe styles.

Ready to modernize your food or service operations? Call 801-561-5555 or email info@monnit.com.

June Web Special

June 2020 Web Special

What People Are Saying

Monnit saves the fish

Upon receiving an iMonnit temperature alert at midnight, Tamara Stawicki sprang into action. Her research lab is packed to the gills with zebrafish, and quite possibly the next advancement in understanding hearing health.

The Assistant Professor of Neuroscience is investigating how select medications and toxins kill the hair cells in humans’ ears that are vital for hearing and balance. And zebrafish are pointing the way.

Visit our blog to learn how Monnit Wireless Sensors are supporting hearing loss research at Lafayette College.

Looking to the Future

Monnit’s Strain Gauge is on the horizon.

wireless strain gauge coming soon

This upcoming sensor will unearth data buried within material handling, critical infrastructure, and more. Identify weaknesses before they become safety hazards or seize opportunities before your competitors do.

Monnit’s Strain Gauge will allow users to remotely measure a change in force, pressure, tension, or weight. This delta is then converted into an electrical signal that can be measured; the sensor then reports a proportional resistance change.

Within civil engineering and construction, monitor the health of tunnels, roads, and bridges. Within the process and energy sectors, track the status of heavy machinery or mission-critical assets, such as those on oil drilling platforms. Users in virtually every industry will benefit from always knowing the weights of barrels or tanks—stop unexpectedly running out of consumables that are needed to get the job done.

Stay in the loop with Monnit product development, email info@monnit.com.


back in business

Across the globe, mixed-use retail and commercial properties have begun balancing public health with economic activity to welcome back employees, diners, gym-goers, and shoppers. Many food service, entertainment, and retail businesses are resuming operation by instituting health-focused policies that support social distancing, such as reducing crowd sizes and streamlining services.

Wireless sensors and the Internet of Things are poised to help by providing remote monitoring for environment and motion. Use turnkey sensors to track traffic, protect indoor air quality, and expedite customer service (boosting satisfaction along the way).

Learn more below:

Properly ventilating facilities:
Air Velocity/Speed Sensor

Understand HVAC performance and ventilation to ensure appropriate indoor air quality.

Counting in-store traffic
Pulse Counter

Easily track visitors or foot traffic via actuation of temporary turnstiles or gated entrances.

Informing the entire team
Wireless Local Alert

Share vital metrics by pushing data & alerts to a centralized location, such as a front desk or hosts’ station.

Preventing slips-&-fall injuries
Water Detect Plus

Increase occupant safety in commercial kitchens or high-traffic areas; eliminate standing water as part of mosquito control.

Whether you’re in the business of helping others get back to work or play, there’s a Monnit Wireless Sensor to help you do it safely.

Explore our IoT applications, then contact us: 801-561-5555 | info@monnit.com.

Beta Testers Wanted

beta test for Monnit

Building on the momentum and popularity of Monnit’s Beta Testing Program, we’re seeking beta testers for our next two IoT innovations:

  • Digital Temperature Sensor
  • BACnet SDK download

Sign up by emailing info@monnit.com.

Tech Tip

understanding text override values

Text Override Values are a feature of Actions which allow you to enter text with a specific syntax into the Message of an Action which the iMonnit Online portal replaces with information from the triggering event. This allows you to customize the message of the Action delivered to the recipient to include information specific to the triggering condition. Click here to learn how to setup Text Override Values.

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