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Food Engineering Magazine Probes the Intersection of Food & Tech

ALTA food probe in Food Engineering magazine

Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor of Food Engineering magazine, took a deep dive into food and technology. Labs interviewed Monnit and other food industry leaders, creating a three-part report on how the Internet of Things is modernizing food processing, transit, and storage. Read how Monnit’s Wireless Food Probe, Advanced Edge Gateway, and SensorPrints IoT Security software are advancing food production.

Part 1: Make the Move from Analog to Digital Temperature Measurements
Part 2: Controlling Temperature from Farm to Fork Protects Product Quality, Brand Name
Part 3: Making the Argument for Wireless Temperature Solutions

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What's New

Welcome to Monnit Labs

custom made sensors

Evolving from a skunkworks division, Monnit Labs is now a full-fledged custom product department. Monnit Labs rides the momentum of a decade-plus of IoT leadership—Monnit’s developed several hundred custom sensors—to take custom product development even further.

Housed in Monnit’s Salt Lake City headquarters, Monnit Labs features additive manufacturing capabilities, engraving, a CNC machine, and temperature and anechoic chambers. Engineers validate a concept’s feasibility and ensure custom designs will meet exacting standards for range, reliability, and performance. Customized firmware and iMonnit software are now also available.

Beyond engineering, each solution will draw upon Monnit’s operations, marketing, production, and fulfillment teams to create SKUs, product runs, and associated documentation.

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August Web Special

August 2020 Web Special

What People Are Saying

what people are saying

“This company's tech support and customer service policies are so far above standard, it just makes me smile dealing with them. Brad made it so easy to figure out what product I needed and then basically did the ordering for me! I have my temp sensors on order that will allow me to keep my mountain cabin high in the Rockies from freezing up in the winter. Awesome company and awesome people working there.”
— C. Smith

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Looking to the Future

On the Horizon: Class 1, Division 1 Sensors

C1D1 sensors

Monnit is building on the strength of its rock-solid ALTA® platform to bring a line of industrial-grade Class 1, Division 1 (C1, D1) sensors to Hazardous Areas.

The upcoming C1, D1 sensors will extend Monnit’s best-of-breed remote monitoring technology to applications where flammable vapors are continuously present. These environments range from highly industrial ones, such as advanced manufacturing sites, spray finishing areas, and petroleum refineries, to ones a bit closer to home, including fueling stations and large dry-cleaning facilities.

Although these applications are incredibly diverse, each is subject to explosive or flammable gasses, vapors, or liquids during standard operation. These include acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, and propane.

Monnit’s C1, D1 sensors will safely operate within these Hazardous Areas, providing operators with data-driven insight to enhance safety and optimize business.

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Application of the Month

Old MacDonald Has a New Smart Farm...Ee-I-Ee-IoT

agriculture sensor applications

August signals summer harvest in the Northern Hemisphere; corn, beans, melons, wheat, and other staples are picked, processed, and sold. Among the oldest (and most important) sectors, agriculture is a cornucopia of opportunities for remote monitoring. Collected data drives up yields, weeds out waste, and offsets labor shortages.

The pressure’s on to conserve water and protect land, while increasing crop quality and quantity. Thus, farming is embracing the Internet of Things—tech analysts project that the agricultural IoT market will crest $48.7 billion in just five years (up from $16.3 billion in 2017).

Expect Monnit to continue supporting agriculture with smarter solutions, including the upcoming Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor. This highly requested device is nearing the end of fruitful beta testing with farmers and ranchers.

With the release of our soil sensor drawing near, read below how other Monnit Wireless Sensors can help agriculturalists improve operations today.

ALTA Industrial Ultrasonic Sensor
This sophisticated sensor monitors liquid levels in storage tanks. Weathertight and impervious to target surface/color, the sensor can intelligently compensate for temperature and humidity to ensure accuracy.

Wireless Humidity Sensor
Ensure the proper moisture content of silage to prevent silo fires. Improper storage conditions lead to excessive heat generation as silage ferments, inciting spontaneous combustion.

Wireless Dry Contact Sensor
Ideal for modernizing legacy equipment, this versatile sensor detects contact between two wired points. Remotely monitor the activity of older conveyors or the open/closed status of barn doors.

Wireless Flex Sensor
Retrofit the seats of older tractors and harvesters to monitor when they’re occupied. Use data to optimally plan labor and track asset usage.

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