Monnit Monthly Newsletter - January 2020


It's been a BIG year for
groundbreaking sensors.

By the numbers, you can see that 2019 was big for us. And we hope that it was just as productive for you. This past year, we launched 14 devices and three significant product upgrades. We also met many of you at 20+ events across North America, Asia, and Europe.

How did we get it all done this year? Monnit took a look to you before taking a leap.

Sales and engineers listened as you explained how our sensors could help. Support took notes as you identified how we could better serve you. Using your feedback, the software group created a new iMonnit experience that provides more info with fewer clicks.

Monnit Milestones

Years in business








Data Points

In 2019, Monnit’s made-in-America wireless sensors claimed several awards, including the Manufacturer of the Year Award, Best of State (Utah), and two Vision Awards for facility maintenance. The ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter wrapped up 2019 by claiming a LEAP Award hosted by Design World, a design engineering publication.

Here's to You

Monnit's winning offerings were named best-of-breed by independent engineering and facility maintenance experts in part because they were driven by you. These solutions were sparked by customers seeking to leverage our expertise to address industry-specific issues. Customers also helped shape other incredibly unique IoT devices: the ALTA Propane Tank Level Monitor and the ALTA Wireless Vehicle Detector/Counter. Both launched in 2019 to sectors needing time and money-saving innovations.

You’re Invited

We’d love to show you around our Salt Lake City HQ, which houses engineering, manufacturing, and support. Through significant investments and the expansion of mission-critical departments, we’ll continue to create the innovations that you count on. While you’re here, we’ll also show you how Salt Lake City charms with skiing, hiking, world-class dining, and so much more.

Happy New Year
—Monnit Corporation

See how the bar was raised in 2019

In this issue


CES Logo

CES 2020: January 7–10

What’s now? What’s next? Stop by booth 2714 of the Westgate and see.

Monnit is starting the new decade with our biggest display ever—at what’s become the biggest event of the year. Are you at CES? Get hands-on with our award-winning sensors at the heart of the IoT Infrastructure Pavilion. See you there!

AHR Logo

AHR Expo: February 3–5

Some 70,000+ attendees, 2,100+ exhibitors, 165 countries represented.

The AHR Expo has earned its reputation as the “Super Bowl” for HVAC and refrigeration pros of all stripes—from FMs and contractors who maintain commercial HVAC systems to specifying engineers seeking the latest and greatest.

The Check Engine Light for Business™, Monnit’s award-winning environmental, power, and activity sensors will be show standouts at booth 1291 of Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.

AHR organizers are recognized for being on the forefront of how energy is generated, transmitted, and stored. We pride ourselves on American-made remote monitoring solutions that create new possibilities for HVAC firms, refrigeration specialists, and facility maintenance industries.


Dec 5, 2019 Monnit Debuts Industry-Leading ALTA Resistance Sensor
Nov 19, 2019 Monnit Announces a 525 Percent Memory Increase for ALTA Wireless Sensors
Nov 12, 2019 Monnit Advanced Vibration Meter Wins in 2019 LEAP Awards
Nov 5, 2019 Monnit Wins 2019 Manufacturer of the Year Award
Oct 30, 2019 Monnit Launches Industrial 4G LTE Gateway for IoT Sensors
Oct 17, 2019 Monnit Introduces Industrial Wireless 3-Phase Current Meter—500 Amp
Oct 3, 2019 Monnit Releases New High Accuracy 0-10 VDC Wireless Voltage Meter


Monnit January Web Special


iMonnit Express 4.0 login screen

Express 4.0

More users.
More platforms.
More simplicity.

We have launched a new iMonnit Express experience to simplify your IoT dashboard and make it available across platforms—including mobile!

iMonnit Express 4.0 allows you to:

iMonnit Express 4.0 settings
  • Provide access to multiple users (up to 100)
  • Configure a network which uses both Gen. 1 and ALTA sensors (sensors require a gateway that matches their generation)
  • View your iMonnit dashboard from any device on your network:
    • Mobile
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
  • More easily configure actions
  • Receive frequent updates (you can set lower heartbeat intervals if needed)

iMonnit Express is a one-time purchase product that works well for many customer setups.

To discover more about how this setup could help your organization, visit the iMonnit Express product page or contact us at


Our new support videos make learning more about your IoT network easy


"Easy, accurate, excellent, powerful.
Setup is easy. The readings are accurate. Customer support is excellent.
API and application integration is powerful."



Parking lot gate arm

ALTA Triggered Tilt Sensor

IoT Monitoring on Full Tilt

Joining Monnit’s Tilt Sensor, the upcoming Triggered Tilt Sensor reports pitch and roll based on movement—not timeframe. The Triggered Tilt Sensor automatically reports in degrees when it’s moved beyond a configured set of angles, making the device an “always watching” sensor.

A unique device, the Triggered Tilt Sensor will be highly adaptable thanks to a configurable vibration noise filter that allows users to balance reporting reliability and accuracy based on application needs. A configurable axis of rotation will also be included to simplify placement.

The sensor will support customers by bringing user-friendly remote monitoring to bay doors, parking lot gate arms (boom barriers), and other entry/exit control systems.

To stay updated on the launch of the ALTA Triggered Tilt Sensor, please email us at


Boiler room

Winterizing Commercial Properties

Stop Hazards Cold

Sleet, power outages, and burst pipes—hopefully, your firm didn’t return to any damage caused by these after the holidays. Winter has settled in over the Northern Hemisphere, and these hazards will be menacing commercial properties of all types until spring officially arrives on March 19th.

Fortunately, Monnit Wireless Sensors simplify staying on top of building winterization. Up and running within 15 minutes, our wireless sensors act as the Check Engine Light™ for your facility. If winter starts wreaking havoc, you will be immediately alerted so you can step in.



Burst pipes Temperature Sensors—know when pipe temps dip to prevent bursts.
Standing water Water Rope Sensors—protect people (and the company) from slips & falls.
Low HVAC performance Duct Temperature Sensors—measure ductwork temps; be alerted instantly if HVAC fails.
Poor air quality Gas Sensors—monitor air-borne threats.
Off-season access Open/Closed Sensors—track access to sensitive areas, and be certain they’re secure.
Subpar machine health Advanced Vibration Meters—know when machinery develops vibrations that could point to failing components.
Unusual power consumption Three Phase Current Meters—see energy usage for major systems. Spiking power use may indicate that service is needed.
Average cost $800–$1000 for a gateway and 5–7 sensors
Typical setup time Less than 15 minutes
Battery life 12+ years
Cost Savings Thousands of dollars for a single incident

Proactively protect occupants and manage assets.

Learn more about remote monitoring for winterization: 801-561-5555 |



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