All ALTA Wireless Gateways support up to 100 sensors. To expand a network beyond 100 sensors, simply add another wireless gateway to the network.

Monnit's ALTA Wireless Sensor networks operate on the ISM 900MHz (902-928MHz) and 868MHz, 433MHz, and 940MHz radio bands.

Monnit's ALTA wireless products use Monnit’s Encrypt-RF bank-level security, featuring a 256-bit exchange to establish a globally unique key and an AES-128 CTR for all data messages. Security is maintained at all communication points from sensor to gateway, gateway to software, and back again. Learn more about Monnit's Encrypt-RF.

Monnit's standard wireless products use several features to help protect sensor data in transit. Our proprietary sensor protocol uses very low transmit power and requires specialized radio equipment to operate. Typical wireless devices that run on non-proprietary communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee) operate using different frequency bands, so you can't use them to eavesdrop on the radio communications from the Monnit family of sensors. In addition, we use a robust packet tampering evaluation routine to ensure that traffic isn't altered between the sensors and the gateways. This enables us to check for well-formed data packets that only originate from Monnit enabled devices. We have algorithms that protect against spoofing and re-transmission of wireless data packets to safeguard data further. This is included with the best-in-class range and power consumption protocol developed for Monnit wireless sensor systems.

Click here for a .pdf that discusses all of Monnit's security features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monnit's ALTA Wireless Sensor communication can reach 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls non-line-of-sight. Learn more here about our long range sensors here.

The life span of the battery is dependent on several factors, including:

  • How frequently does the sensor transmit data (Heartbeat)
  • How far the sensor is from the wireless gateway
  • The obstructions that can cause difficulty in sending data (farther distance and obstructions require that the radio operate at longer intervals to send and receive data)

Monnit provides a battery life calculator that estimates the expected battery life from different sensors.

All Monnit ALTA Wireless Sensors come ready to connect to a Monnit ALTA Wireless Gateway upon powerup except for Wi-Fi and PoE•X sensors.

Monnit MoWi Wi-Fi sensors connect directly to your Wi-Fi network.

Monnit PoE•X Power over Ethernet (PoE) sensors connect directly to your Ethernet network.

Monnit ALTA Sensors and Gateways provide automated data logging. Our sensors can store up to 4,000 messages if the gateway connection is lost (non-volatile flash, persists through the power cycle). For 10-minute Heartbeat settings, this accounts for approximately 22 days of messages or readings. For 2-hour Heartbeat settings, our sensors can log up to 266 days of readings.

Plus, our gateways can save up to 50,000 sensor messages if its connection is lost. Our sensors and gateways can log all this data before sending it to iMonnit—our sensor management and monitoring software—for cloud storage, trending, and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two-factor authentication (2FA) boosts account security.

Across industries, user IDs and passwords are increasingly under attack through data breaches, weak passwords, or poor user practices. A common best practice proven to improve security for anyone using any online service or application is to add another authentication method to account access.

A 2FA process is used when accessing your iMonnit account—every 90 days per device—to provide this enhanced security. You’ll have three options to receive a code to complete the 2FA requirement.

In addition to the first factor—your email address with password—iMonnit will prompt you to authenticate your identity further with a second factor. You’ll be able to enter a code sent via email, text, or use an authenticator app.

Here’s more information about how Monnit 2FA works:

  • For the safety and security of all iMonnit accounts 2FA is required.
  • Reminder: Any device you use to access iMonnit only requires 2FA once every 90 days.
  • Manage 2FA settings in the user profile section of iMonnit and select which 2FA option you prefer.
  • By default, iMonnit will send a code via email or text message based upon the notification or alert settings you set.
  • Or, use the authenticator app you already have or download an app to scan a QR code or type the app-generated code in iMonnit.
  • White-label customers will be able to opt out until required at the end of 2021.
  • Manage remembered devices for 2FA in your iMonnit profile.

After a user has changed sensor or gateway settings and saved, the device needs to check-in before the server downloads the new settings. On the next heartbeat, the device will download the new settings, at which point the interface will be again available for editing.

*User tip. To force a check-in power cycle the device by removing the battery, turning the switch on or off, or unplugging the device.

Our iMonnit software has a global feature, so you can stop it from sending emails and text messages to your devices. To turn this feature on and off, do the following:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Once logged in, from the top pull-down menu, find and select My Account
  3. On the left hand side, find Sensor Networks and select the edit pencil next to the network for which you would like the notifications turned off
  4. The second feature down is titled "Send notifications for this Network"
  5. If notifications are being sent, deselect the check box. If notifications are NOT being sent, select the check box
  6. Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for credit from Monnit. Please download our credit application form here.

Terms: Please allow five (5) business days for the credit review. Applying for credit does not necessarily mean you will be extended credit. If credit has not been established with Monnit, terms shall be designated as payment in advance. Monnit reserves the right at any time and for any reason to require payment in advance or otherwise to modify, suspend, or terminate any credit terms previously extended to a customer. Monnit shall be entitled to refuse or delay shipments for failure by a customer to pay within terms any payments due Monnit, whether on this or any other contract between Monnit and a customer.

Acceptable forms of payment include credit card payment through our online store or via a sales associate (VISA, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover), check, or money order. All payments are in US Dollars only.

Orders paid via check will be held for a minimum of five (5) business days to allow for proper funding to occur.

If any amount is past due on an account and payment is issued, Monnit reserves the right to apply those funds against past due invoices first. Any service offered by Monnit may be suspended if any amount is past due by the customer.

Click here to view Monnit Terms and Conditions.