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A brief "How-To" guide for integrating Monnit MINE with AWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

iMonnit sensors have a series of heartbeats (transmissions) and assessments (data queries) to determine the state it’s in, if it is time to send a transmission and what information to transmit. This article shows a simple temperature sensor going in and out of an aware state and what happens in each time period.

What to do if sensor returns a reading with "Hardware Failure".

When using the iMonnit User Interface or Monnit Express software, you may notice the "Edit" icon change to show a small red "x" in the bottom right corner. The "x" signifies that a sensor configuration has been changed in the software and is queued to update the sensor hardware configuration on its next heartbeat.

This is a glossary of frequently used terms and phrases with their definitions.

How to install Monnit wireless sensors for tracking and monitoring air conditioning and HVAC systems.

This article will explain the process for customizing and acknowledging alerts in your iMonnit account.

Getting started guide to adding events on iMonnit.