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Instructions for setting up voice call notifications in iMonnit.

Getting started guide to adding events on iMonnit.

This tech-tip is meant to give an understanding of how to edit and configure user contact preferences for notifications from the iMonnit® system. Contact preferences let the system know how you prefer to be contacted for different types of notifications, for example, sensor alerts and subscription alerts.

How a Monnit Wireless sensor network is architected.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a glossary of frequently used terms and phrases with their definitions.

Quick guide to generating an access token in iMonnit.

Quick guide to voltage meters and detectors.

Monnit Ethernet gateways can now be used to locally monitor wireless sensors on a computer without needing an external Internet connection.

iMonnit Rest API allows users to integrate their sensor data into 3rd party applications. API calls can be made from programming language of your choice. Responses are served as either XML(Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).