PoE Power Adapters and Splitters

PoE Splitters and Power Adapters

Connect to the IoT with PoE

PoE Splitter

If you have a Monnit Ethernet Gateway that doesn’t support Power over Ethernet (PoE), the PoE Splitter allows you to use an existing PoE line to power and communicate with the gateway. The PoE Splitter works by simply separating the power from the data and feeding it to a different input that a non-PoE-enabled device like a gateway can use.

PoE Power Adapter

If your building or facility doesn’t have PoE infrastructure, you need this PoE Power Adapter to run your Monnit PoE•X Sensors. It’s easy to inject power into an Ethernet cable with our PoE Power Adapter. Deploy and power up PoE•X Sensors near or on virtually any asset that you need to give you data through a single PoE cable.

Learn more about these two PoE accessories below.


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