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Information on text messages and associated fees/charges.

Instructions for setting up voice call notifications in iMonnit.

This tech-tip is meant to give an understanding of how to edit and configure user contact preferences for notifications from the iMonnit® system. Contact preferences let the system know how you prefer to be contacted for different types of notifications, for example, sensor alerts and subscription alerts.

We send maintenance notifications to inform our customers of upcoming maintenance on our servers. Reseller accounts have the ability to view and edit these upcoming maintenance notices before being released to your users. Editing the maintenance notice will allow you have a more personalize message for your users.

Getting started guide to adding events on iMonnit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on how long it takes to receive a notification from iMonnit.

Troubleshooting tips for understanding Monnitlink International Cell Gateway lights, what they mean and what you can do to correct any issues.

Getting started guide for account settings on iMonnit for mobile.