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This article explains how Monnit® sensors connect to the Internet using iMonnit® software, and the process for adding wireless gateways or sensors to your iMonnit® account.

A step by step of how to connect a Wi-Fi sensor to Express.

Wireless Sensors Support - Downloads

This article will explain the process for customizing and acknowledging alerts in your iMonnit account.

Frequently Asked Questions

This tech-tip helps you understand the sensor edit screen, how to make changes in sensor configuration, and what the x means when it appears next to your sensors in iMonnit®.

Monnit Ethernet gateways can now be used to locally monitor wireless sensors on a computer without needing an external Internet connection.

Web browser compatibility with the iMonnit online software.

iMonnit Rest API allows users to integrate their sensor data into 3rd party applications. API calls can be made from programming language of your choice. Responses are served as either XML(Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Instructions for creating and editing sensor or gateway notifications in iMonnit. How Wireless Sensor Networks Sends Notifications.