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Looking for industry-specific solutions? You’re in the right place.
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Monnit 4G LTE CAT-M1 Cellular Gateway
Perfect for remote locations, this gateway uses the latest 4G LTE cellular technology. Included backup battery, allows your Monnit Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit system even through a power failure.
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Ethernet Gateway 4
The Monnit Ethernet Gateways allow your wireless sensors to communicate with the iMonnit™ Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Notification System without the need for a PC. Also includes a Power-Over-Ethernet option.
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3G Cellular Gateways
This 3G Cellular Gateway is for use with all Monnit wireless sensors. Features include; plug & play installation— no hassle internet configuration, remote software upgrade capability, and 50,000 sensor message memory.
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Wireless Sensor Adapter
This wireless sensor adapter allows ALTA long-range wireless sensors to communicate with local or online wireless sensor monitoring systems by connecting to a PC or 3rd party IoT gateways via USB connection.
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Advanced Edge Gateway
The ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway supports custom edge-based IoT applications, and also deploys as an MQTTS client, allowing data to be sent to MQTT brokers on platforms such as AWS, Azure, Watson, or a user’s own broker.
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Serial Modbus Gateway
The Serial Modbus Gateway acts as a data concentrator for Monnit wireless sensors, allowing you to connect up to 50 wireless devices, per gateway, to your existing serial Modbus RS-232C & RS-485 control infrastructures.